“100 CLUB”

Cutting-edge Employee Recognition

If you are looking to enhance Employee Engagement, improve Profitability, and increase Employee Retention, the unique “100 Club” is the program for you. This employee recognition program was evaluated, embraced and promoted by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The government

  • Absenteeism cut by up to 42%
  • Lost time due to work-related accidents reduced by 43%
  • Quality errors reduced by 48%
  • Productivity increases from 4% to 14%
  • Employee turnover less than 1%

The “100 CLUB” has achieved outstanding results for manufacturing operations, restaurants, hospitals, and many other types of businesses. Please contact me via my e-mail address: TLippie@cf-associates.com or my phone (413) 543-2882. A Client First representative will be assigned to ask questions about your specific needs and further explain this one-of-a-kind program to you.


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