With caps and gowns soon to be donned and eager graduates ready to accept diplomas, we prepare for another wave of Gen Y’ers to enter the workforce.  Leaders would be wise to assess company policies and practices, ponder our management paradigms, and ask ourselves if we are creating and fostering an organizational culture in which […]

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Pardon the metaphor, but a business’ communication system is a lot like a digestive system.  Information, like food, is presented, digested, and passed along to support overall organizational health.  Leaders present information to their management teams and expect it to be disseminated appropriately so that goals and action plans can be properly executed.

But what […]

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Senior management teams today are focused on keeping the business pipeline full.  They are challenged to maintain sufficient cash flow, increase revenue, and keep the organization profitable.  In this economy, their focus is understandable and prudent.

However, some senior management teams are becoming so involved in day-to-day operations that their actions are having a negative […]

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Paralyzed by Paradigms

On April 15, 2011 By

Some managers (C Level, middle, and front line) are controlled by personal and management paradigms.  These paradigms often do not allow for managers to see the need to adapt, be flexible, and adjust to the changes needed to lead and manage the organization of today and the many generations of employees who make things […]

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A Plague of Discontent

On April 6, 2011 By

Over the past several months, I have talked with or been contacted by many colleagues who are employed, some managers, and all very successful in their careers.  Every one of them has described frustration with their present working environment, supervisor, company culture, and/or management philosophy of their current organizations.  All want out!

I understand that […]

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As our Team at Client First Associates has prepared for the launch of our new website, we’ve taken the time to reflect on our mission, our core beliefs, the services we offer, how we deliver our services, and the valued clients to whom we offer those services.

Throughout this reflection, I keep coming back to […]

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