The Future is NOW!

On April 27, 2016 By

The future is exciting, today is important, and tomorrow is imperative.  Today’s businesses must not only simultaneously prepare their systems and structures, leadership and management, and knowledge and skill capabilities for today but also tomorrow and with the best internet.

Your business’ success today does not ensure its future success.  It is important to […]

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I went to work with my father in his plumbing and heating business at a very young age.  On my first day on the job, and for many more days thereafter, he told me to remember three words – Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate.  I was to anticipate how to keep the job site clean and organized, anticipate […]

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Management Development Programs are an effective and safe forum for addressing organizational issues.  For a variety of reasons, managers and other team members are reluctant to surface important issues involving new product launches, information hand-offs between departments and functions, collaboration failures, and other concerns important to the success of the organization.  With the right rules […]

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Butt-Biting Decisions

On May 23, 2012 By

Have you ever made a decision that looked like the best thing since sliced bread when you made it, but came back to bite you 6 months later?  We have all made those decisions and sadly, continue to do so.

Is there any technique and/or tool that can help us avoid the bite?  The Three […]

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Start-up businesses continue to emerge for many reasons.  Individuals laid off from their present jobs have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and have decided to start their dream business.  Some laid off workers are starting businesses out of necessity since jobs requiring their skill sets are not available.  And then there are those who […]

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Following is an important formula all managers should consider in day-to-operations, short-term planning, and long-term strategic thinking.  The formula goes like this:

QD x C x AE = R

 Quality of the Decision × Commitment to that decision × Ability to effectively Execute the decision = Results

Many managers make great […]

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Change in an organization may be recommended or required for many reasons.  The organization may need to grow via merger/acquisition, geographic expansion, customer franchise management, new product development, and/or management of new delivery channels.  Competitive threats, sagging profits, and/or an increase in overhead may require changes in strategy, structure, and/or systems.

Whatever is driving the […]

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A Plague of Discontent

On April 6, 2011 By

Over the past several months, I have talked with or been contacted by many colleagues who are employed, some managers, and all very successful in their careers.  Every one of them has described frustration with their present working environment, supervisor, company culture, and/or management philosophy of their current organizations.  All want out!

I understand that […]

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As our Team at Client First Associates has prepared for the launch of our new website, we’ve taken the time to reflect on our mission, our core beliefs, the services we offer, how we deliver our services, and the valued clients to whom we offer those services.

Throughout this reflection, I keep coming back to […]

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