The future is exciting, today is important, and tomorrow is imperative.  Today’s businesses must not only simultaneously prepare their systems and structures, leadership and management, and knowledge and skill capabilities for today but also tomorrow and with the best internet.

Your business’ success today does not ensure its future success.  It is important to understand the seeds of destruction exist at the pinnacle of success.  Therefore, the BIG QUESTION is:  What can we do today to ensure today and tomorrow’s success?  Here are some thoughts:

  1. View and define tomorrow through a three-year window.
  2. Assess what your customers will need today and tomorrow by assessing what your customers’ customers will need today and tomorrow (for your customers’ customers’ needs drive what your customers need and want from you).
  3. Analyze your businesses’ systems and structures and ask:
    1. Why are they designed as they are (i.e. to better serve your customer, for office political considerations, etc.)?
    2. Are they efficient?  Learn to subtract vs. add, abandon the expendable, see what can be streamlined, focus and simplify everything.
    3. Are they effective?  Are they doing the right things for your customers and your customers’ customers?
    4. How must they be gradually and/or dramatically changed over the next 3 years to maintain your business’ viability and support its continued growth?
  4. Prepare your leadership and management team members for enhancing their performance for today and over the next three years.
  5. Build every team member’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Keep an eye on and continue to close the capabilities’ gap over the next three years.

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