Following is an important formula all managers should consider in day-to-operations, short-term planning, and long-term strategic thinking.  The formula goes like this:

QD x C x AE = R

 Quality of the Decision × Commitment to that decision × Ability to effectively Execute the decision = Results

Many managers make great decisions.  However, if those involved in implementing the decision have no commitment to it, your results will be zero.  Additionally, if your organization does not have the ability to effectively execute the decision because it lacks the resources, infrastructure, knowledge/skill, or teamwork to do so, your results will be zero. 

How do we ensure the QD, C, and AE give you the results your business requires?

1. Start with the decision:

  • Ensure you have enough facts and the right facts on which to base your decision.
  • Meet with your team and explain the what, why, how, when, and where of the decision.  Make sure you especially give them the why.  Obtain the team’s input.
  • Discuss with your team the implications of the decision to internal and external customers, resources, the infrastructure, etc.  With your team’s help, determine the interrelationships you must consider, i.e. if we decide to divert resources to a specific project, how will that affect other projects underway?
  • Think long-term.  Ask your team what they see as the long-term impact of the decision.

2.  Through discussion of the decision, analyze and manage commitment.  Utilize and apply the “Five Star Points of Integration” to determine who you must communicate with and whose commitment you must obtain to achieve a 6 – 10 rating on the “C” (Commitment).

3.  Assess your organization’s ability to effectively execute the decision within the timeframe and budget you envision.

The above three recommendations will do a great deal to achieve the Results you desire and your organization needs.

If you need assistance obtaining improved business results, contact Client First Associates. 

We will help you effectively manage the QD × C × AE = R.


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