Change in an organization may be recommended or required for many reasons.  The organization may need to grow via merger/acquisition, geographic expansion, customer franchise management, new product development, and/or management of new delivery channels.  Competitive threats, sagging profits, and/or an increase in overhead may require changes in strategy, structure, and/or systems.

Whatever is driving the need for transformational change, managers have a natural ten­dency to facilitate the needed change by modifying the organization’s mission, policies and procedures, and operating systems.  Other “visible” dimensions that managers attempt to change are employee behavior, decision-making, and organizational language (i.e. customers are #1, customer service is our business).

However, after months of hard work and effort, managers do not see the expected changes occurring.  They ask why.  The answer is because managers have failed to real­ize that the “Invisible Drives the Visible”.  Management does not always see or under­stand that “invisible forces” like culture, values, thinking patterns, attitudes, paradigms, beliefs, and norms drive what people think and do.  If the visible changes contradict the invisible forces, the required changes will not take place.

The main point – you can’t make visible changes in an organization without first chang­ing the invisible forces.

Client First Associates, Inc. knows how to change the invisible forces.  Give us a call for assistance in achieving the transformational change your organization must make to grow or survive.


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